Baggage tow tractor
New energy tractor
This type of equipment is used to tow luggage and container pallets on aprons or freight yards, as well as unpowered equipment. The equipment adopts front axle steering, rear axle drive, optional cab and heating and cooling air-conditioning. The center of gravity of the whole vehicle is low, which is convenient for operators to get on and off.
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Baggage tow tractor(Electric)
CAEC300TTT/CAEC260TTT baggage tractor (electric type) is Tangshan Dehui Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd., in order to meet the needs of civil aviation airport users, develops and develops a vehicle for towing baggage/cargo, with 2 people. The car is mainly composed of the body, transmission, steering, manipulation and electrical systems produced by Tangshan Dehui Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd. The car is rear-wheel drive, and the front and rear axles are of non-independent suspension design.
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