Retrofit baggage tow tractor
Electric luggage transfer car
The ground support equipment for towing and pushing the aircraft away from the airport landing bridge, and at the same time, can be used to rescue, tow and move the aircraft to the maintenance hangar due to aircraft failure and maintenance needs. The equipment is mainly composed of chassis, electric motor, battery, gearbox, transmission shaft, front and rear axle, tire assembly, brake system, steering system, cab, control system, etc.
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Baggage tow tractor
The T-TD20/25/30 tractor is an internal combustion tractor produced by the company using advanced manufacturing technology for towing luggage and cargo. Its performance and quality have reached the international advanced level. The car uses the latest technology Cummins diesel engine, the minimum traction can be 20KN/25KN/30KN. The car has an independent suspension system with a turning radius of less than 3 meters, which is convenient for driving on the apron. It also uses Italian Graziano PST2 automatic transmission, which can be operated safely and comfortably at the airport.
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Retrofit baggage tow tractor(Electric)
QCD20-KM baggage tractor (electric type) is Tangshan Dehui Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd. In order to meet the needs of civil aviation airport users, it develops new energy vehicles for towing/cargo. The vehicle has been used by Air China for 15 years , Transformed by Tangshan Dehui Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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