New energy tractor

This type of equipment is used to tow luggage and container pallets on aprons or freight yards, as well as unpowered equipment. The equipment adopts front axle steering, rear axle drive, optional cab and heating and cooling air-conditioning. The center of gravity of the whole vehicle is low, which is convenient for operators to get on and off.
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1. Non-load-bearing body

High body strength, rectangular structure frame can provide strong body rigidity, so that the tractor has better stability and safety.

2. Engine and gearbox

It adopts Jiangling JX493G3 special direct injection diesel engine for construction machinery, the main engine reserve rate reaches 15%, and it has good low temperature starting performance and power performance, ensuring good power, economy and reliability of the tractor.

The mechanical gear tractor is equipped with a JYX325 type special synchronous shift gearbox for construction machinery produced by AVIC Changsha Zhongchuan Machinery Co., Ltd.; it has three forward gears and one reverse gear.

The automatic tractor is equipped with a YYX25A1 hydraulic transmission gearbox produced by AVIC Changsha Zhongchuan Machinery Co., Ltd., with two forward gears and one reverse gear.

3. Independent suspension steering bridge

The turning radius of the tractor is much smaller than that of non-independently suspended vehicles, and its handling and comfort are significantly better than those of non-independently suspended vehicles, providing drivers and passengers with a stable and comfortable driving environment.

4. Drive axle

It has high strength, high rigidity, high transmission efficiency and strong bearing capacity.

5. Hydraulic power steering, recirculating ball power steering gear

Hydraulic power steering not only overcomes the heavy drawbacks of pure mechanical steering gear, but also avoids safety accidents caused by pipeline oil leakage, steering gear pressure relief failure and no steering when power is lost.

6. Service brake

Four-wheel dual-circuit service brake with front drum and rear disc, vacuum assisted braking. The braking is light and the foot braking force is small; it ensures that the braking of the tractor has extremely high reliability and safety.

7. Imported waterproof connectors

Avoid short circuits caused by rainwater entering the wiring harness and eliminate potential safety hazards.

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