Electric conveyor belt loader(Electric)

CAEC090DST bulk cargo loader (electric) is a new type of bulk cargo loader developed by Tangshan Dehui Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd. The vehicle is mainly produced by Tangshan Dehui Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd.’s self-made chassis, conveyor rack device, and hydraulic operation System and electrical system composition.
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Introduction to the prototype
The CAEC090DST bulk cargo loader (electric type) is Tangshan Dehui Aviation Equipment
A new type of bulk cargo loader developed by Beibei Co., Ltd., which is mainly produced by Tangshan De
The self-made chassis, transmission rack device and hydraulic operating system produced by Hui Aviation Equipment Co., Ltd.
System and electrical system.

Safety features
Using intelligent safety system, when the vehicle catches fire, it will automatically alarm and extinguish the fire.
All parts that may cause electric shock have protective measures and high-voltage warning signs
The vehicle cannot be driven in the charging state.
When the driver leaves the seat, the main circuit of the vehicle is automatically cut off within 3 seconds, which improves safety.
The whole vehicle is equipped with 4 outriggers, which is more stable under working conditions.
The outrigger cylinder and lifting cylinder are equipped with hydraulic locking devices to avoid safety accidents caused by the sliding of the cylinder.
It is equipped with low-speed docking aircraft and anti-collision devices to ensure the safety of working close to the aircraft.

Using high-energy density lithium battery, advanced control system, the whole vehicle charging time is short, continuous
Strong navigation ability.
Adopt advanced battery thermal management system, long battery life and working temperature range
Wide, meet the use environment of various regions.
It has a vehicle remote monitoring device that can monitor vehicle status and related information.


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