Electric luggage transfer car

The ground support equipment for towing and pushing the aircraft away from the airport landing bridge, and at the same time, can be used to rescue, tow and move the aircraft to the maintenance hangar due to aircraft failure and maintenance needs. The equipment is mainly composed of chassis, electric motor, battery, gearbox, transmission shaft, front and rear axle, tire assembly, brake system, steering system, cab, control system, etc.
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●Electric tractor---QD20T-25T-30T four-point 80V imported full AC control high-profile

QD20/25/30 series electric tractor is a new generation of innovative electric tractor with independent intellectual property rights, which is developed by our company following the zero-emission design concept and absorbing domestic and foreign electric tractor technology. The key components are imported from original parts.
This series of tractors have unique design, excellent performance, wide vision, high efficiency and safety, energy saving and environmental protection, long cruising range, quick battery replacement, more convenient operation, quiet, stable and comfortable, and are widely used in airports, ports, stations, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. Areas.
★Car body structure: It adopts a unique arch design with beautiful appearance and strong strength. The unique observation channel allows you to see the traction bolt at a glance, the ergonomic control room design, the front and rear hoods of the car body are simple and generous, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance.
★Electronic control system: The American Curtis (CURTIS) AC controller is selected, which can provide high-frequency, high-efficiency and quiet working mode of the tractor. The whole machine is responsive and easy to control. It has functions such as regenerative braking and stepless speed regulation. Energy saving, environmental protection, high reliability.
★Drive system: Choose Italian PMP (PMP) high-efficiency wet braking to drive the integrated electric bridge, environmentally friendly 80V AC generator, power up to 28.7KW, strong driving, no-load speed greater than 28km/h speed flexibility.
★Battery system:
A. Choose Italian FAAM industrial batteries, voltage 80V, capacity 690AH, no-load continuous cruising range up to 200km, battery life up to five years, equipped with a dedicated quick-acting charger (ORC).
B. Double-side pull-type battery pack: The double-side pull-type design structure can easily move the battery pack out of the car body from the left and right doors, which is convenient for quick maintenance of the battery pack or replacement of spare batteries.
C. Automatic water replenishment system: Equipped with American FLOE-RITE battery automatic replenishment system + Hawkeye alarm system and special trolley, the maintenance of the battery pack is simpler, the charging is faster, and the economic life is long.
★Steering system, steering bridge design with independent intellectual property rights, minimum turning radius is only 3050mm, EPS electric power steering, making steering flexible and accurate, light and reliable, energy-saving and safe.
★ Suspension system: The front leaf spring, the rear coil spring and the shock absorber are equipped with a cylindrical shock absorber to improve the comfort of operation and greatly reduce the labor intensity of the driver.
★Brake system: The front wheels are equipped with sensitive and reliable disc brakes, German electronic vacuum-assisted multi-circuit hydraulic brake system and Curtis intelligent auxiliary electric brake, which has higher reliability and gives you a strong security guarantee . Maintenance-free wet brakes are selected for the rear wheels, making maintenance work simple and fast.
★Cab: optional configuration. The front windshield has a cleaning function, and a simple or fully enclosed steel cab is optional.

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